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Blogs about Joel Goldsmith composer, son of Jerry Goldsmith who composed scores for Television shows, Movies and Video Games

A New Post

Greetings from the gate!

It’s been a while since I’ve made any sort of posts to this website. I would really like to do more with this, and find more content to post about Joel.

What I do have is that you can buy some of Joel’s works from buysoundtrax. Here is a little link for you to click to see what they have available. It’s great to see someone is trying to release some of his works!

Stargate – The Ark Of Truth

Listening to Joel’s score to Stargate The Ark Of Truth, is quite an inspiring recording. The main title resembles the original Stargate theme by David Arnold in the beginning, but then beautifully transitions to Joel’s signature themes and Ori theme incorporated into the song with powerful chorus vocals. It is truly a beautiful score, and a great recording . Listening to his score puts you in the movie with SG1 and the rest of the gang. I was glad to have gotten a signed CD from Joel several years back before his passing. This is something I will hold onto for years to come.  My next posting will be a write up that Joel included in the CD booklet.


Stargate Atlantis – Joel’s Autograph

A while back when Joel was still around, I managed to purchase a few CD’s from him that were autographed. In this post I am sharing with you Joel’s Autograph on a Stargate Atlantis Score. Stargate Atlantis was perhaps my favorite TV scores of all time.  I hope that one day the studios or other distributors release more of his works.

Stargate Atlantis CD Album cover with Joel's autograph
Stargate Atlantis CD Album cover with Joel’s autograph

Tribute Video

While browsing Youtube, I came across a lovely video that another fan had created as a tribute to Joel Goldsmith. I thought I would share it with you all. Joel was an absolutely amazing composer, he composed such nice scores for Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.  Listening to his Helen Of Troy soundtrack as I write this, the score is very dynamic and shows off Joel’s wide range of musical styles.